The fiber story

In a deep deep wood there lives an otter with 1Gb/s internet connection. Read more...

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About otters

You probably think that the life of an otter is rough. Otters to survive need to hunt their prey. They are always wet and dirty, because they live in a harsh conditions. But let's face it, you're wrong. There are a lot of other otters, like me, that decided to leave wild and go civ. I'm also not the only otter that can into computers. But I'm the one with a fiber.

Image of an otter with pair of a big glasses wearing orange polo neck sweater

About me

I believe that every otter should know how to deploy an app and what is going under the hood during that process. That is why I picked jvmops as my trademark.

I will comment on dev, ops and my daily oterrish findings using a twitter

JVM experience: 4 years OPS experience: 2 year